It Doesn’t Take a Metropolis to Lose Touch

I live in a small(ish) town so it wouldn’t seem out of the normal for me, while out running errands, to see people I knew, people I had worked with, or even neighbors. Suffice to say that this almost never occurs. Even going out to eat. We have a few large restaurants here and I never see anyone I know. Is it I am the only one that goes out and about. Or more possibly the truth: Is this the Twilight Zone?

Yesterday was an anomaly in that I did run into someone I knew. I didn’t see her at first but she got my attention and we stood in the parking lot a talked for a couple of minutes. Funny that she had thought I’d moved away. Interesting that she would think that when she used to have my phone number and could’ve easily called. But that’s kind of the point of this post: people come and go in our lives and we wonder what may have happened to them and guess what? They may only live in that small(ish) town and just a few blocks away.

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