So THAT’S Where Sam Harris Went: Over the Edge

Remember Sam Harris. That respected atheist and known as being one of the Four Horsemen of the New Atheists. Well he apparently misses the limelight because here he is, hating on Trump and making a fool of himself. Below are some links to catch you up on Sam:

Anti-Trump writer Sam Harris admits the media tried to swing election for Biden—and actually defends it

People like Sam are always thowing around accusations of “Trumps corruption” but I honestly have never seen any of these people present a single example of said corruption by Donald Trump. On the other hand, there’s piles of evidence (just look at Hunter Bidens’ laptop) to prove Joe Biden is corrupt and used his office to better his families circumstances.

One thought on “So THAT’S Where Sam Harris Went: Over the Edge

  1. Sam remains an intellectual thinker but he has become the poster child proving intellect is not immune from severely deep and crippling bias. In fact, his performance in that interview shows externally the skill in using logic to arrive at, and defend, a clearly unjustified view of the world. I suspect even 50% of anti-Trumpers would watch that and say, geez, he’s gone off the deep end.


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