Televangelists Love Your Money

Do televangelists qualify as con men/women? I asl because I’m interested in how a single preacher would need four private jets. It’s not just the luxury transportation but the adequate “parsonages
the live in that they pay zero in roperty tax for because the home belongs to the church. Of course the church belongd to the con artist, I mean “preacher” so it becomes a viscous circle doesn’t it? Sooner or later though, spmeone will take notice, that awful dragon known as the Federal government and there will be those tht actually receive what they deserve, and that’s not anyone’s money. Just ask Jim Bakker.

One thought on “Televangelists Love Your Money

  1. Its why the church bells ring ” kaching, kaching”.They might as well be selling property on Jupiter. Yet they’re legally allowed to get away with this fraud and pay no taxes on the proceeds. Which is why the Catholic church measures its wealth in the 10s of billions. And if you live to be a thousand , you’ll never meet a poor televangelist. Yet Jesus never passed around a collection plate or ask ppl to tithe part of their income to him. Everything he did, he did for free. And when I say free, I don’t mean a toll-free prayerline kind of free. As in “call now. Free. And they’ll be some one to pray with you.” And to take your credit card number, so that by the time you hang up, you’ll be making a monthly payment to someone who flies around in a private jet. Not that kind of free. In exploiting Jesus to swindle humanity, they’ve also managed to swindle Jesus, because they’ve stolen his name & identity and turned it into a commercial trademark. Now Jesus is like Col. Sanders. They’re just using his picture. The only difference is, Col. Sanders was bought out. Jesus has been sold out. And so have Christians. Because they’re being framed for something they didn’t do. If Jesus really was crucified as per the gospels, he didn’t die for anyone’s sins but his own. He died because he posed a threat to a group of ppl with highly vested interests and very savage values. He told the Pharisees point blank where they could find the kingdom of heaven. Don’t look here or there he said, but look within. But they didn’t want to hear that, anymore than the modern day Pharisees want to hear it. Because they knew all too good and well what he was talking about. That the kingdom of heaven is a state of awareness in the here and now, that does not require the stewardship of clergy. They also knew that if ppl took his advice, not only would they find it, but would also find the strength and courage to put them and they’re whole blood-sucking , fear mongering, criminal racket permanently out of business. And since he was upsetting the status quo of the local Jewish rulers at the time by rumbling their racket, and since they lived in a brutal society in 1st century Rome where they can have him put to death for his words,…thats’ exactly what they did, Just as they do today in certain Muslim countries. Beyong the pale for me why Christians choose to feel guilty over this. They weren’t there. They had no way to influence events. They are entirely blameless. The only real guilt Christians should feel, is perhaps a little passing sheepish embarrassment for having been swindled into believing this insulting nonsense in the first place.


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