Free Rent in Biden’s Head

It’s apparent that Donald Trump has a rent free residence on the head of Joe Biden. Well, there’s nothing else there so , why not? Just this weekend, Biden doubled down on his speech from last week referring to some a “Trumpies”. What’s really bizarre is the the day after his very disturbing speech, he walked it back considerably saying the Trump voters were not bad at all, like he portrayed them the night before. Then, 3 days pass, and he, again , attacks these same people, or should I say “voters” because all he’s doing is energizing Republicans as well as convincing many independents that indeed, Democratic control of Congress needs to cease. A serious question: Does this administration have any idea as to what they’re doing and how all they seem to do is alienate those same people they want to vote for them? Maybe the plan is to lose control of Congress so that the administration can then blame all the woes of the country on Republicans, but that would be like committing suicide and trying to claim it was murder. He’s even beginning to turn off Democrats.

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