When God Says “No”

Is it a wonder that Christians claiming to pray to their god for relief of some dire economic or health tragedy, inevitably receive no answer to their entreaties no matter the immediacy of the request? When I was a believer, I always thought it was wrong to pray for stuff, even though it’s not prohibited in the New Testament, it’s encouraged, We. hear all the time about those that have prayed for a certain job, even a house and their prayers were answered. Of course, the job had nothing to do with qualifications and the house? Well the person had the right down payment and an adequate credit score. But, hey, let’s give credit where none’s due. What about when those prayers aren’t answered? What consolation is there when it appears that the god that has been prayed to ignores the plea even though they’ve been rold the opposite? What are the real numbers of those that believe that their prayers for “stuff” have been answered compared to others that have been ignored or denied? What do preachers tell those individuals? Is it that “God has a plan for you”? That sounds familiar doesn’t it?

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