Amazon Paves the Way(with Facility Fires)

Was it quality control in manufacturing or the same with the installation? 176 Amazon Fullfillment Centers shit down due to fires at some facilities caused by solar panels. I wonder where they bought the panels? Is there anyone in the U.S. tht manufactures panels today or are we importing all from China, where we know, they had problems with quality control in the recent past. Our current administration passed a bill recently, supposedly to reduce inflation but in reality is nothing more than a green energy giveaway. Yes, they want as many electric vehicles and solar powered homes as possible but from whom do we acquire the batteries (parts) for cars and parts to assemble solar panels (materials). China of course. Before we even vegin assembling on this country, if we ever do, we’ll get everything, ready to go, from China. It’s thir quality control we’ll have to depend on as well.

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