No Kathy, You’re Not Helping Your Career

I don’t get it and I don’t believe I ever will. How is it someone can hate another person or group of people without knowing any? We overuse the word hate, I think. dod you really hate that movie or that band, or the restaurant that bilked you for $150 fo so-so food? I’ve had all of those and never walked away hating anyone. I just never recommended any of these to anyone I knew. Hating someone for their political beliefss though goes a bit further than needed. Remember that dumb-ass Kathy Griffen (a “comedian”) that published the photo of her holding the bloody head of president Trump. She couldn’t understand the outrage and most democrats in leadership were clueless why anyone was upset. Now democrats are trying to provoke their opposition into Civil War, even comparing January 6th in some cases to the first shots fired in a Civil War (the only “shots fired” were those of a Capitol Police officer that murdered an unarmed “insurrectionist”, Ashlei Babbitt). But Griffen attempts to egg her hated opposition, republican voters into the unimaginable and does it so poorly she ends up owning herself: “If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican. Read that carefully to enjoy the full stupid that is Kathy Griffen. If you don’t vote democrat, the democrats are going to start a Civil War. Kathy probably needs a fresh delivery from Drizzly.

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