‘The Rings of Power’ is Quickly Running Out of Energy

I just completed viewing episode 3 of ‘Rings of Power’ and I have to say that out of, what is it, 9 total episodes? I still have no idea what this series is about and that’s after the producers have spent one-third of a billion dollars (it supposedly cost $1 billion to make). A lot of CGI, models(?), makeup and costumes, but not a lot of plot so far. I understand now why Amazon locked comments on the series last week because, well, it’s weak at best. So far. This last episode seemed to be getting somewhere, maybe tying some of these disparate mini-plots that don’t appear to have any link whatsoever. I’ll continue to watch, as long as I can stand it. If this were really that good would Amazon have to spend even more on advertizing on TV letting us know that it’s “Magnificent”? I think not.

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