We’re Becoming What We Despise

Being the anniversary of the attacks on 9/11/2001, we should never forget what all Americans have sacrificed since that day. We have sacrificed, mainly freedom when our government created a brand new bureaucracy to spy on American citizens (Department of Homeland Security) and enabled that same police force with the PATRIOT Act, allowing government agents carte blanche to spy, even arrest citizens on scant evidence of wrongdoing. Yes, we need to look at how far we’ve come since that day when all Americans came together, with other countries in the world, to bomb those enemies out of existence. 20 years in Afghanistan, trillions of dollars in treasure, and priceless lives lost, do the same enemy we went to war with, now own the same country they began with that same year. America, that once great power that the rest of the world looked upon with respect and fear no longer exists. We are quickly, under the current administration, becoming the authoritarian that we have so long despised, and we’re doing ot with the cheers of some of the population, and the assistance of the media.

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