Don’t Worry, It’s ‘Clean Food’

I am frustrated constantly, watching a commercial about some restaurant or food store where the claims iaremade about eating clean. What is that exactky, eating clean? does it mean I should wash my hands before I eat, or take a shower? Of, is it that, at a restaurant, the food is meticulously washed with hot water and Dawn? All kidding aside, if they’re referring to food that is healthy and nutritious, why don’t they just say that? It also implies that there is food that is not so good for you: I’m thinking fast food of any kind would probably not be included with a moniker of “clean”. But, you never know as “they” say and it’s important to know that as far as any of us know, there is no government certificate for “clean food” that might be acquired meaning, next week, look for some fast food purveyors making identical claims. I can’t wait for the FTC to get involved in that one.

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