Letting Go of The Past

I admit, I’m old. Older than many of you that are kind enough to take time from your day and come read an old man’s rantings about, well, everything. I haven’t devolved to “Get off my grass!” stage because, well, where I live, it’s rare to have a grass yard. I‘m not sire if anyone else is paying any attention to the coverage of the death of Elizabeth II. I have and then not. If that sounds strange it’s because like most people on this planet, none of us really knew anything about this very private woman who was head of state for, at the end , 14 countries

We Americans, generally, love the English and my experience is there is a similar feeling. I’ve spent time on every continent on this planet. Yes, including Antartica (don’t go there) and I have yet to find a people, anywhere that do not respect, at some level, the English people. England exported their laws, beliefs, and traditions to wherever they raised their flag. The United States copied enormous amounts of English Law, including “Common Law” to establish our current republic.

So, when I notice, online, some being less than respectful for a Monarch that lived her life to repair the injustices of the past, which every country owns, I was baffled and saddened a bit because it’s easy to place all of our personal troubles upon one person, or one country, but it’s difficult to establish any personal ties to those wrings that happened do long ago. The past is just that. Let it go.

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