Massachusetts Activates 125 Guard Members for 50 Illegals

Venezuelan Refugees Kicked off Martha’s Vineyard

It only took a day, but those self-serving, virtue signalers of Martha’s Vineyard have kicked those recently arrived illegals off their sanctuary for the rich and famous. that’s right, those residents who’ve proudly displayed signage declaring, “We stand with immigrants, with refugees, just not too closely and not on our island” (italics mine) is a show of strength and resolve mostly unknown in America today. The only thing missing in the farewell was the smooth acoustic sounds of resident James Taylor. For this emergency, the governor, Charlie Baker has activated 125 National Guard troops to protect those brave, inclusive, diverse souls of Martha’s Vineyard. After the smiling selfies and hugs with those brown people , boarding busses for Joint Base Cape Cod, brave volunteers were immediately deloused and taken to a temporary HAZMAT facility where they could shower and burn the clothes worn that day.

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