(No) Twitter Help

I thought I would go ahead and submit a problem report to Twitter, asking them to restore my account (I was “limited” the other day due to an offensive, or harassing tweet). and could delete the offending tweet and move on. I saw online others had done this , at least 2 successfully. Here’s what I asked:

I’ve followed instructions to restore my account to full access by sending for an email verification code. I receive a code, but when I enter it (less than 1 minute) I receive a response that the code has expired. I’ve attempted this multiple times and I am sure I enter the code correctly. Please restore my account so I may delete the offending tweet and continue to use my Twitter account,
Thank you

Of course I have to verify that I’m a real human after I click on “Submit”, and I successfully pass that test but them after I continue, I receive this:

Oops something went wrong. Please try again later.


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