He Needs a Muzzle

Biden’s handler’s need to muzzle him. He is becoming a danger to the country when he’s scripted. When he’s off the cuff is when we hear what’s really going on in what’s left of his mind by again, discussing coming to aid Taiwan, militarily, against China if need be. China’s probably not worried over any of Uncle Joe;s statements, but it should give them pause, enough to prepare for an offensive conflict, not with Taiwan, but with us. There are a lot of military pundits that don’t believe that the U.S. is militarily capable of taking on China right now that our forces have deteriorated under Biden’s command. Less than 2 years. Of course when your Joint Chiefs are more concerned about transgender members, personal pronouns, and how to eliminate “white supremacy” from the ranks, they don’t have time for actual readiness of the forces, do they?

2 thoughts on “He Needs a Muzzle

  1. Imagine a situation where a revolt took place in the US and the revolutionist forces retreated to Hawaii. They set up a working government, the people were sort of OK with it. Then China steps in and says they will protect Hawaii from US forces if they try to reunite with Hawaii. The US needs to get its nose out of what is none of their business. GROG

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