Twitter Bliss

A quick update o my sojourn through the Twitter miasma that no amount of alcohol (isopropyl!) seems to be able to help. It is a kind of fog because once I was actually able to get a message to them about my issue, all I received back, immediately, was a “Thank You!” and some sort of message about hearing from them, maybe, I think, sort of, could be, possibly never. It made me ask a couple of questions to myself: 1) How many “support” requests do the receive in a day 2) How many people does Twitter employ to service these requests , and 3) Are requests weighted as to the category the request falls into or is it a “first come, first served” model? Of course, there’s always 4) How many go directly to the circular file without ever being addressed? That really wasn’t a joke. Remember the recent stories about “Quiet Quitting” where people show up for work, get paid, and do almost nothing? What’s really odd is that I don’t miss Twitter much over the last few days.

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