The Pandemic is Over. Or is it?

The Pandemic is over, at least that’s what president Joe Biden told millions of viewers, Sunday night, on 60 Minutes. Millions more, saw that interview, or at least that part of it, the next day. Of course, according to accounts, the White house backed off of that statement almost as soon as he said it. In other words, within seconds.

It’s as if he tends to actually tell the truth when there’s no teleprompter there for him to read. He did the same with Taiwan, on the same show and the interviewer, Scott Pelley asked him more specifically the second time if he was committing U.S. forces to defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression (my paraphrase). He repeated, ‘Yes’.

COVID-19, though, is a completely different proposition. Why would the White house backtrack on what virtually everyone on the planet agrees with: the pandemic is over. No one believes that COVID-19 has suddenly disappeared or muted itself out of existence. It’s become what we were told by responsible scientists (not the CDC or NIAID, or FDA) that this disease would probably become endemic and like influenza, even seasonal.

Why would an administration that promised to wipe this virus out, especially when it appears that the world as we used to know it, is just now coming back and people are resuming their lives? there are probably several reasons but I’ll focus on just two: money and power.

Without the pandemic as an emergency, there’s no need to place the country further in debt. the Executive Order just signed echoing the Heroes Act to pay off some student debt? Null and void. No emergency, can’t invoke the act. No Executive Order, then Congress to pass a bill that will cost nearly a trillion dollars (by many estimates) Think that will ever happen? There’s another bill winding it’s way through right now worth several hundred billion dollars for more “COVID relief”. Releif from what and what’s actually in this bill? Is it oing to be like the the “Infrastructure Act” of over a trillion dollars and only around 100 billion is actually going to infrastructure? Or would it be like the “Inflation Reduction Act” whiich, according to more than 200 economists, will most likely increase inflation?It’s more, unnecessary spending by the Democrats that won’t help a single working American family.

the last part for me, is that this is also all about power. No pandemic, no need for any emergency acts by the federal or any state government. Remember the lockdowns where you couldn’t even buy flower seeds for your own garden? You couldn’t walk on the beach, by yourself, or swim by yourself – no one within dozens of yards around you – without being arrested?Schools closed for no reason? All the science was together in that it said there was no danger in keeping schools open. So your kids lost what? A year or more in their education which many today say they will never be able to make up. So yes, the government is giving back power to the people by declaring there is no longer an emergency and they cannot use it for an excuse to violate anyone’s rights.

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