The Violence Isn’t From the Right

Please tell me again who are the violent extremists in our country? “MAGA” Republicans? Republicans in general? How many “MAGA Republicans have been arrested for attempted murder or murder itself? Remember James Hodgkinson, the guy that attacked the Republican members at a baseball practice in 2017 and nearly killed representative Steve Scalise (R)? He wasn’t a MAGA Republican was he? Those evil MAGA people are everywhere, even in minus 5 degree weather waiting on a black, gay actor to come out at 2 am heading for his local Subway. They look for any chance to attack any reasonable person and it’s why the Viden administration has been referring to these Republicans as extremists and even twrrorists. Ot’s gotten do bad that now Republicans are being murdered at whim turning themselves into the police probably believing they’ve done society a good deed. Of course, no one whose spread this disease of violence will take any responsibility will they? The Democrats are always saying that words are violence, except when it applies directly to them. This is just what happens when we have a demeted leader in Washington that doesn’t know hoe to measure his speech. Don’t be surprised that as the election nears, more violence will occur against Republicans.

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