Creepy Joe Creeps into a Speech

Probably every time Joe Biden speaks in public. he makes a statement that the White House has to immediately walk back (like his recent statement about sending American troops to defend Taiwan if necessary.) or that the White House tries to clarify because the president has given no context for what he just said. Todays example is at a speech to the National Education Association, where mid-speech, he sees someone he knows in the audience and says,

You gotta say hi to me,” Biden said mid-speech at the National Education Association headquarters in DC. “We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.

This is the guy that in 2019 apologized to several wo,en he had made feel uncomfortable around hi, We’ve all seen photos of Biden though, when he was vice President, up close to young girls, seeming like he was sniffing their hair (The photos are still there) earning hin the nickname, Creepy Joe. Now, something that occurred between him as a 30 year old and a 12 year old girl. What possibly could the little girl have provided him, legislatively? Will the White House eventually provide context or hope the media forgets?

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