Don’t Do it if You Don’t Believe it

Why do these sanctuary cities complain when governors from Texas and Arizona send illegals to their cities? I think it’s clear that these cities, declaring their virtuosity toward those that are escaping horrible conditions within their own countries and hoping for a better life. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? How about having a dinner party and people you don’t know, from a culture you don’t understand, suddenly show up expecting to be fed and to occupy the spare bedrooms if needed. If anyone believes its a good idea to allow anyone to come into the country without any vetting whatsoever, start leaving your door and windows unlocked, day or night, home or otherwise. I don’t know anyone who would do that, at least I don’t think I do but if you feel safe, even in a town or city that has relatively low crime, then you should do that just to show the rest of is that allowing anyone free access has no downside. One way to put these sanctuary cities out of business is for Congress to pass a law allowing no federal funding at all (roads, police, schools) if they choose to remain a sanctuary city. California would become a black hole.

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