Putin is Out of Control

When I saw the headline of this story, I had two concurrent thoughts, 1)What could possibly go wrong here? and 2) We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? The Russians, in about seven months, have lost (KIA) some 53,600 troops. Of course, multiple searches for this can turn up different numbers, but this one seems to be agreed upon in multiple sources. Think about this: that’s only those killed in action and does not account for wounded, captured, or missing. Any wonder that Putin is looking to mobilize another 300,000 troops? Half or more of the original 200,000 have been lost. Putin apparently views his General Staff as incompetent as he’s decided to take over tactical command. I guess he either hasn’t read history or doesn’t understand it. This will only go worse for him because by all available reports, Russians are doing everything they can to avoid being conscripted for no more than cannon fodder.

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