Ignore the Electorate, Pack Your Bags

As we quicky approach the mid-term elections, the issues more on the mnds of the electorate are those issues which affect them and their family directly, like inflation, gas prices (although down somewhat now, will be rising significantly, soon) crime,, immigration, and education. Another issue the media and Democrats would like the electorate to pay attention to is the recent Dobbs decision in the Supreme Court which nullified, for Democrats, scripture(Roe V Wade) and allowed individual states to determine any restrictions on abortion. Some states are more restrictive than others, with there being even a few that allow abortion up until and including the day of birth (eg, NY, VA). Lines have been drawn and Democrats are using Dobbs in an attempt to keep power in both the House and Senate. The problem is, that’s mostly all they’re using and are forgetting those issues which are much more important to families today than restrictions on abortion. Not that it’s a non-issue, but surveys show families are concerned about those kitchen table issues as many families struggle just to pay their bills every month. When abortion and climate change are the top issues for your party while your nation is suffering otherwise, you’ve already lost the argument, and the election. Pack your bags.

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