$400+ Billion For Student Loan Forgiveness

Let’s be honest here, The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), whose mission it is to score spending bills that are in Congress to determine the actual cost of th bill and not what the politicians that support it, want us to know. the CBO however, is more of a useful idiot nowadays because it’s used by both sides to stengthen their argument. how is this done? Accounting tricks where money spent years from now is not counted, for instance. this same CBO has just announced that the student debt forgiveness the president has proposed will cost more than $400 billion over 10 years. Of course, Biden disputes this but then of this were a Trump proposal, ge and his minions would be all over this as proof of the wild spending that Republicans are responsible for. See how that works? I still don’t see how this can be implemented by an Executive Order because any matter that has to do with spending money, and yes, this is spending, has to be passed by Congress, according to the Constitution. We can see how much that document mean to some. They will do everything they can to subvert that document and citizens rights along with it.

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