Will Justice be Done?

Think about all the times that celebrities are never held to the same standard of justice as “the rest of us”. Jussie Smollet? What is the real punishment, in I;;inois for what he did? Up to 2 years in prison. How many weeks did he serve? Then there are some that are never prosecuted at all. So many musicians in the past that have been arrested with a pharmacy in their luggage. Prison time? It just seems that if you have money., but especially if you’re a celebrity, you can get away with almost anything. Almost. It looks like there may finally be a prosecution in the infamous “Rust” movie shooting. Yes, alec Baldwin and 3 others (unnamed so far) may actually be charged. Note I said “may” This could still fall through but id ths D.A. is at a point to make this type of declaration, we can only hope justice may finally be served..

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