No One Believes You, Putin

The U.S. Military, under orders from the President of the United States, invades Canada. Canadians fight bravely for their homeland but cannot dislodge (yet) all of the American soldiers from Canadian soil. So the President of the United States holds a “referendum” in those parts of Canada still occupied and announces a 93% vote in favor of the U.S. retaining those portions they still occupy. Anyone want to say they believe this outcome? This just occurred in the Ukraine and was probably meant as a way for Russia to end combat operations (which they were losing) and declare a victory of some kind (how that’s works exists only in Putin’s mind). The U.S. and the western allies have already rejected this vote, along with Ukraine of course so whatever was in the mind of Putin, has failed to convince anyone that there is a near end to this conflict. But wait, there is a near end and that’s when another 100K Russian troops are declared KIA and the Russian people rise up and kick out Putin’s murderous regime.

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