Democrats are Becoming Desperate

Heh. A two term Congresswoman from Virginia because the House Leadership has refused to bring up her bill, Combatting Financial Conflicts of Interest in Government Act that would ban Congress members as well as federal judges , Supreme Court Justices, and the President among many from trading in the stock market. It’s a no-go at least this term. The representative, Abigail Spanberger, is in a close race for her seat and would like to be able to answer voters in her district as to why there is resistance in the House to pass a bill. she’s come out blasting the leadership of her party. Democrats all over the country, especially in districts that are in play (many!) for their party to do something to quell voter anger or it’s very likely they will lose their majority in November. This is a simple bill that just calls for transparency for government officials, and of course Democratic leadership wants to ignore it so it will hopefully go away. So Spanberger is calling for new leadership in her party. the issue is, didn’t she vote for them the last two congresses? So it seems like its the fault of those that voted for Pelosi, et al, for leadership. Pelosi has had all these useful idiots fooled for a long time.

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