Putin Threatens, Biden Responds

Vladimir Putin puts on this big show, for all of the world to see concerning the “vote” and annexation of four provinces in Ukraine.The next day, a major city in Luhansk, the most northern of those provinces, lost it’s main city ofLyman to Ukrainian forces. I wonder what Putin thought when this was repoirted to him? I winder if a similar feeling came over Joe Biden when, the day the White House was celebrating the passage of the”Inflation Reduction Act” that it was announced that inflation had become worse over the previous month. Here’s where they’er the same: both leaders have their heads in the sand avoiding the reality that is just at ground level. Where they’er different is that Putin appears to be a lot more dangerous on the world stage, once again onviking the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons to pacify Ukraine. Bidens’ return threat of acting if a NATO country is harmed, falls onPutin threatens ears of unbelief at home and with our allies abroad. No one would trust Joe Biden and his National Security team to lead any coalition in a conflict with Russia.

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