Who Do You Believe?

I’m an optimist. I think I always have been, even in the darkest moments in my life, I always believed that, no matter what, I would come out of whatever the situation was and thrive. So for me, the glass is never half empty, but half full. For many, that may seem to be a naive view of life, but I learned early in life, to trust myself over others. No one is going to be for you more than yourself. You may buy lottery tickets every week,  hoping for that huge windfall that will end all of your current problems, without realizing that having a great deal of money may be a larger problem than when you were poor. Suddenly all those friends you were never aware of show up. Where were these people when you were out of work, close to being homeless? I recall some years ago an atheist that blogged on another network that was Trans, She used to write some interesting pieces but at the end of all of them she would ask for some financial help as she was unable to get a job and that she was close to being homeless. The network she wrote for was very progressive. I thought , certainly many of those regular readers would donate something (I think she had a “paypal” button. The next I knew, she was gone from that network, I have no idea wht happened to her but it showed me  that even those that “spoke out” so often on LGBTQ+ issues (these people on this network fif)meant nothing when it came down to actually doing something to help another human being.

One thought on “Who Do You Believe?

  1. I believe that what is good for the world is equality and not rejecting or treating other human beings differently based on things that are irrelevant generally to how you should treat people.


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