Liz Cheney as Speaker of the House?

I think James Carville has gone full Joe Biden. Carville, one of the most adept political consultants ever produced (“It’s the Economy Stupid”, 1992, Clinton) just came out and said that Liz Cheney (yes, that Liz Cheney) will be the next Speaker of the House.It doesn’t matter that Cheney’s already lost her seat in Congress (to be fair, there’s no requirement to be a sitting member to be Speaker) but I doubt even her new friends in the Democratic party would vote her in as speaker even if it were to just annoy Republicans. I wonder if he’s not just attempting to spin the news cycle, getting people to talk about Cheney. If so, it worked. If he didn;t do it, Liz would, attempting to take her final shots as the door hit her in the butt on her way out.

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