Kari Lake Takes it (again) to Reporters

Something I hear all the time is how tight the gubernatorial race here in Arizona is currently. We have a Republican, Kari Lake, up against the Democrat and current Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs. Of course the one issue the media love to try and get a “gotcha” in for Republicans, is abortion. It’s inevitable that whenever a Republican candidate takes questions from reporters, that candidate is going to be asked about their stance on abortion and this has been true since Roe V Wade was first ruled in 1973. LAke seems to be prepared though and when she recently received a question, turned it around on the reporter and asked why they didn;;t ask her opponent the same question? Well, they don’t because they know (it’s documented) that Hobbs. believes in the right to aboryion up to birth, which a large majoroity of Americans, reject. Lake is always ready for reporters, she was one of them. There’s a lot of short videos online od herwith reporters and they’re hilarious to watch, Supposedly a debate will occur between Lake and Hobbs bext week, I think and I hope Hobbs is forced to answer concerning her abortion stance. Of course, it looks like a “maybe” now. Funny how Democrats around the country are doing all they can to not debate their Republican opponent. It’s not about abortion. Anyone take a guess?

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