An EV Can Only Take You So Far

The good news is not every top auto manufacturer has completely bought into EV’s. All anyone had to do was read the publicly available engineering papers to discover that, np matter how well they’re marketed, EV’s are not ready for prime time. Why? It ,mainly has to do with the technology used in the batteries. Or should I say, “rechargeable” batteries? Think about driving across country, say 1,000 miles. The EV you own is able to carry a charge that will enable you to go 300 miles before a recharge. Like any fossil fueled car, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to “fill uo” so you begin looking for a charging station at around mile 250. Oh, and thank goodness for that charging statin finder that’s built in (it is!) or you probably would have a tough time finding the right charger for your vehicle (each manufacturer has their own design). Yo pull off the road with enough to spare to recharge but don;t realize that a “quick recharge” not only takes up to 30 minutes, it also only charges your battery to 80% capacity. Yes, a maximum of 240 miles. Adding the time to charge plus it’s really not known what it’s going to cost right now as there are so few public charging stations available, well, the trip you thought might take 9 hours just increased to..? I think EV’s have a future, just not a near future of replacing all fossil fuel powered cars. For around town or even short trips? Fine, because you can plug them in for a regular (slow) charge that will charge the battery at 100%.Not to mention the cost being $15-$30K more than a gas or diesel engine. Then there’s the question of where the power comes from to begin with. A billion or 2 windmills, or maybe 3-10 million acres of solar panels?

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