Delaware is a Media Black Hole

Imagine this: President Donald Trump, as president, travels to his home in Mar-a-Lago every weekend. Its reported that there is no list of any visitors to is home and that raises speculation among the media as whom he might be meeting with in Florida. Of course, the haters ar going to say he’s meeting with his Russian handlers since so many in the media, and Congress, accused him of being a Russian asset. The media presses for answers to who, if any, he meets with but the White House is mute on the subject. Fast forward to a new year and a new president that retreats to one of his homes in Delaware, every weekend There’a no list,available to the public, of anyone the president is meeting with, foreign or domestic. The media, as a whole, seems to be disinterested. Or are they just laying cover for him as they do with gaffes? What if we hsd a media that held those in power accountable, sans party?

One thought on “Delaware is a Media Black Hole

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