Let’s Let More Illegals in Before the Mid-Terms

The White House is demanding that the State of Arizona become complicit in allowing illegals to cross the border into Arizona by removing some temporary barriers installed by the state, to fill in some gaps in the border wall. The legal reasoning? Part of the land is managed by the Bureau of Reclamation and the other is part of a Native American Reservation. Also, there has been an award to finish one part of the wall (that BR controls) that Arizona has moved to temporarily block access. Of course, awarding a contract means nothing as the contract must be funded before any work may begin. So, the feds are just trying to gaslight the public again. Another question would be if the feds have permission to finish the wall on reservation land? If not, what’s the difference? Well, it’s simple. A state is attempting to protect itself. from being overrun by illegals from more than 100 countries and of course the federal government can’t be shown up by a state, or made to seem complicit in hunab and drug trafficking. Governor Ducey should just give them the finger. When Kari Lake is elected next month and takes office in January? She will.

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