Try to Thwart Authoritarians? Get Ready for Hard Time.

I’ve written a few posts this year critical of Russia, and Vladimir Putin, over the unwarranted invasion of Ukraine. othing awful, but I didn’t spare my thoughts and still don’t today. I would probably not travel on my own to Russia today as even though I am not really a “voice” in America criticizing Russia not because my reach is so small, but it is a fact that countries like this do, in fact, look for people that may antagonize their public and. for authoritarian governments, that’s exactly the opposite they desire from anyone that visits their country. U.S. citixens have been arrested in a lot of countries for a lot of different reasons, like this guy, who dared tweet negatively about Saudi Arabia. Note the person is a dual citizen and therefore having been a citizen of KSA his entire life, anyone would think that yes, it is probably dangerous to openly criticize this government and not expect some retaliation when he visited there recently. I do have empathy for him, but good grief! Did hr not realize that hemight be a target for the Saudi government? Maybe not. The same with WNBA star, Brittany Griner who was recently sented to prison on drug possession charges. Nine years. Yes, I am sorry for her situation and yes, it’s possible that part of it is due to the strain in relations between our two countries over Ukraine. But still, she shoud’ve known what the laws in Russia were and abided by them. I used to trsvel overseas quite. bit and before I went to any country, there was always a briefing about obeying local laws. Knowing what was legal and not, If you were unsure, assume it’s illegal. You wont wind up in jail. Just some unrequested advice for all of you.

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