Don’t Dare Say the “R” Word

We havn’t heard anyone in the media refer to a recession recently have we? Is it because the president refuses to believe we are in fact in a recession because we’ve met the definition which is 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth? In any other administration, the media would be all over this issue and would be questioning the administration daily about it. But not the Biden administration. Uncle Joe’s denial has led the media to become silent, during an election year. The media wonders why 59% of the public have zero trust in them. If thr Republicans do take both Houses of Congress, thay habe a chance to stop all of this spending that’s been going on to cause this inflation as well as use current federal resources to help bring this crime wave to an end, If they did those 2 alone, it would be viewed as a successful Congress. Let’s see if they’re all talk and no walk.

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