The Arsonist and the Firefighter

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best option in life. It’s always better to evaluate a situation before charging in and possibly masking it worse. You never see firefighters run into burning buildings do you? No, when they arrive, they evaluate the situation and deploy accordingly in order to save lives and other structures nearby.

I’ve been seeing some very disturbing reports out of Ukraine lately tht make me believe tht we, the United States, may have rushed into this conflict as a proxy to blunt Russian ambitions, and in doing so may have set the stage for more than what we want or expected. Instead of evaluating the situation from the beginning, we rushed in, headlong, without having the underlying intelligence. that would allow any supporters of Ukraine understand what the real underlying issue was? Is it just Russian hegemony? We’ll really never know now because too many people have tkn sides and to attempt to have a reased siacuion has become impossible. What looked like a one week walk through is now heading towards a year and Russia is losing, in great part because of the influx of advanced weapons from the west (U.S.). We’ve become the arsonist and the firefighter.

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