The Democrats Fatal Mistake

Is when they chose to focus their 2022 hopes on abortion and “January 6”. When SCOTUS ruled on Dobbs and reversed Roe V Wade, Democrats across the country knew that the red wave” would be blue instead. Along with their media lapdogs, and produced out of Hollywood, were the January 6 Commission “hearings” which no matter how hard they tried, no one believed were bi-partisan. Inflation, crime, immigration, education? No one cares about those, do they? This election is about a Woman’s Right to Choose and ,ugh, Donald Trump. Of course, the multimillionaires in Congress (both parties) have mostly forgotten what it’s like to live payday to payday and believe that some social issue or some media contrived event is what will motivate people to vote to keep them. in power. Instead, families are concerned about feeding their kids = even baby formula is mostly unavailable – guess what the votrs across th country are more concerned about? The “October Surprise” for the Democrats is that no one cares about any of their core issues and people are ontpo their con, finally.

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