Should We Be Concerned That Alex Jones Has Been de-Platformed?


I thought i would weigh in on Alex Jones being de-platformed. Although I was never a fan of his, and considered him mostly someone to laugh at when I did happen to see something he said or wrote, he had a huge following. I’ve read a few articles from both the left and right since and I find those troubling.

Of course, the left is celebrating his removal. He is nothing more than a conspiracy theorist as well as someone that promotes fake news stories just to receive views, and he’s been doing this for several years. The question Ive never actually seen asked is why now? Even those on the right are not asking that question, at least those few articles I’ve read, and I find that to be curious.

All of these media platforms have the right to remove whomever they want, whenever they want. They claim violations of Community Standards, what ever that means or even more basically, violation of Terms of Service.

But again, why after him being online for so many years, was this action only recently taken and so quickly? I don’t subscribe to any of those that believe this is somehow a conspiracy to shutdown conservative speech. I didn’t really consider Jones a conservative, just someone that spewed whatever happened to come into his mind at the moment.

But there are others as well that may become victims of the same treatment. On the left, there is a site, Media Matters that publishes, in my opinion, as much fake news as Alex Jones did. These people will use a quote, completely out of context and create some conspiracy against someone or some group. Are they next for the ban hammer? Should they be?

Where does it end? There was a U.S. Senator that chimed in on Alex Jones. Yes, a Democrat and if anyone read this and didn’t consider it scary, they should have. Chris Murphy was calling for more censorship of the Internet.

Do we really want the government to regulate speech on the Internet? Can we trust these mega companies in Silicon Valley to decide what is appropriate or not?

For those that cheer the silencing of those that may speak wacko theories and publish stories that can be easily discounted with a simple search on the subject, remember that any of us may be next.

I think I’ve been consistent here over time in what I have said about censorship. I’m against it. The only reason I can think of that someone may be de-platformed is if they call for violence against s person or a group.

No one forces anyone else to read or listen to  tripe o the Internet. Instead of cheering that someone has lost his platform, no matter what we think about what he says, we need to be concerned.

3 thoughts on “Should We Be Concerned That Alex Jones Has Been de-Platformed?

  1. As to the “why now” question, I suspect that they are interested in making it look like they are doing something without really having to do much. They’ve been taking heat for the “fake news” and Russian meddling stuff. Maybe this is a way to show they are taking it seriously even if they aren’t.


    • What’s more scarier to me are people, including a U.S. Senator, calling for more censorship. The inevitable blowback will change the face of the Internet, forever.


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