Do Christians Read Their Holy Text?


biblereadingWhen I’m on social media, I often see Christians tweeting some particular scripture when attempting to make a point about some social or political topic. Seeing this would make anyone think that these people are well versed (no pun intended) in the bible. But are they?

I wanted to know exactly how often Christians read their bibles. I didn’t look for a poll, but I do know several Christians that at least claim to go to church weekly. So I asked several questions to each of them and was not unsurprised by what the responses were.

My sample is just 3 people but I think that anyone could ask their Christian friends or colleagues the same questions and mostly come up with similar data.

The first question was,  Do you read your bible daily?  All 3 said no. Next I asked how often they read their bible; Weekly? Monthly? One person said only when they were looking for some specific guidance, the other 2 said only in relation to the sermon on Sunday.

Finally, I wanted to know if any of them had ever read the entire bible, from Genesis to Revelation. All 3 said that had not.

Of course, this doesn’t speak to all Christians, as when I was a believer many years ago, I did in fact know some that read daily and had read the entire bible, more than once. 

I think that if I asked the same questions to 3 different Christians, the answers would vary somewhat but overall, I don’t think so. What I’m saying here is that Christians do not know their own holy book.

Of course, as atheists, most of us already know this to be true. I think that today, I know more atheists that have read the entire bible, multiple times, than I do Christians.  I think if Christians really wanted to be able to defend their belief, they should at least know more about it than those they are having an online debate.

As I’ve said on multiple occasions, I don’t  debate Christians online. It’s not worth the time if I know more about their religion than they do.

One thought on “Do Christians Read Their Holy Text?

  1. I’ve only encountered a few who claimed to read it daily. The answer you received about reading it when one is seeking guidance seems far more common. Of course, I’ve also known quite a few Christians who admit that they’ve never read it. I guess they must just think it is “holy” because it is in the title or something.


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