The Week in Non-News


So there were 2 stories in the media this week that seemed to get the left and the media (wait! those are the same aren’t they?) in a bit of a tizzy. I found both to be rather silly myself but hey, it must have been a slow news week. I mean, there really is nothing else going on around the country or the world that might be more important, is there?

The first story was a President Trump’s revocation of John Brennan’s security clearance. Okay, so Trump is petty and vindictive. This is news to anyone? Besides, I think that accusing the President, no matter who it is, of treason, is enough by itself to revoke any clearance.

Clearances are not a right. I know, I’ve had one. I had it for years. But then I went to work where I didn’t need it anyone so in the intervening time its either expired (it has) or after a certain time of inactivity (meaning I didn’t work anywhere where the clearance was required) it goes inactive.

This has nothing to do with limiting anyones speech as the accusation has been made. Are the media seriously that stupid( that was a rhetorical question)?  Brennan not having a clearance has nothing to do with how he may be employed. Even when a person’s clearance is no longer valid, they cannot just go around talking about classified information. The same when it’s active.

So a stupid non-story by the same media that gave him a pass on his spying on them when he was CIA director. Go figure.

The next story I found equally ridiculous is the cancellation of Michelle Wolf’s comedy show that aired on Netflix. The tears! The whining! Really? Shows are cancelled all the time, some before they’ve even made it through the fall. Others are not renewed after the first season. Why? No one is watching them and in commercial television, eyes, means advertising dollars.

On Netflix I assume that it’s about pretty much the same, minus the advertising. If no one’s watching a show, why would any company continue paying for it’s production costs? They can just move on to hopefully some other show(s) that appeal to more viewers(subscribers).

I can’t recall the number of shows over the years that I actually enjoyed that never made it past the first season. Some were cancelled mid-season. It got to the point where I thought if I enjoyed the show, it would certainly be cancelled. I never believed it was some sort of conspiracy.

But reading some of the online chatter, about this show, one would think it was some sort of conspiracy to cancel the show. Maybe it was Trump! Yes, I actually read a couple of people saying that. It was a business decision folks.

I wish that the media would work on informing the public about issues that actually mean something to everyday people and stop attempting to make up the news. It’ll never happen, but I can always hope

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