Getting a Little Perspective



One of the reasons I decided to start limiting my use of Twitter, is that there is some much nonsense out there, a lot of it rage posts, I decided I could only take it in small bites, instead of perusing the site constantly. It is amazing to me how much junk is placed out there, and that I saw retweeted into my timeline, that could easily be debunked if someone just took a moment to be skeptical. But no, in today’s environment, it’s preferable to be morally or ethically outraged than to stop, look around, and discover what the truth of anything actually is nowadays.

One thing that always gets me is the morally superior ones; The ones, mostly that don’t even live in the United States, always criticizing we Americans for all the dumb stuff (in their view) that we do. I find it dcininating that they seem to know, or claim to know, more about the state of my country than I do, who resides in this country. Sometimes it would actually upset me to see something retweeted into my timeline, something incredibly stupid, and notice the number of retweets it had: into the thousands. I’m not saying there aren’t people living outside my country that may actually know what is going on within, I just think those people are few and far between.

Do European countries, and others, actually spend that much time on their news broadcasts, in their print media, discussing American domestic and foreign policy? I have no idea since I don’t live in any of those countries, but I find it a little strange that those same pretend to know more about what happens in the United States than I do. The toxicity of some of the tweets I’ve seen in the past is truly amazing. Note this only started, from my point of view, once Donald Trump was elected our President. Before, when Barack Obama held the same office, he seemed to be treated as The Angel of Light. the Great Redeemer, who was going to bring about Peace on Earth. Not so much and to be clear, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, that same angel, was known as Lucifer.

To place all of this in perspective, I live, physically, about twenty miles from Mexico. There is no direct highway, so to get to a port of entry from where I live takes about an hour. One would think that we would know something about what is going on in Mexico, the government, but we don’t. It’s rare that we ever see or read a news report about one of our largest trading partners, unless it’s a story generated out of our national capitol. So how is it that people, living thousands of miles away, claim to know more, and better, about what goes on in this country?

I think it’s because there are those on Twitter, and other social media platforms, that spread a false narrative about us. We’re all white supremacists, and worse. That comes from the far-left, those that want to see our country fail, and will do whatever they can to place this country in a poor light for the rest of the world.

My advice is to stop believing what is posted on any of the social media platforms and spend a little time investigating for oneself. Stay away from both far-left and far-right online media as well. There’s plenty of left-leaning and right-leaning that will give a more balanced perspective.


2 thoughts on “Getting a Little Perspective

  1. I have been puzzled by how many Trump-related tweets I see coming from people outside the U.S. I would think they might have their own politicians, but some seem truly obsessed with ours. Oh well, they are easy enough to filter out.


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