All Aboard For The Heaven Express

One of the things christians believe in is that after death, of course if they’ve been saved, they go to heaven. Is that biblical? The only person in the New Testament that is promised heaven right after death is one of the thieves Jesus is executed with and Jesus never says anything about dying and immediately going to some sort of reward. Jesus was a Jew and Jewish tradition is complicated, at least to we non-Jews. But I think the Apostle Paul said it best in First Thessalonians when he was discussing the second coming of Jesus. It doesn’t appear that any of the dead go anywhere until Jesus comes back. Of course Paul really thought that Jesus was coming back during his lifetime. I think he was caught unawares on that one. But preachers today tell their congregants that heaven awaits them immediately. Confused? Most Christians aren’t but they should be.

2 thoughts on “All Aboard For The Heaven Express

  1. The great thing about heaven is that everyone creates their own version. Human imagination is like no other. We can imagine light coming from everywhere and glorious sounds of praise resonating through the clouds…Oh my such a glorious sight. Now imagine there is no heaven. stay well. Praise be to Apostle Paul for he is the beginner of it all. Now reading Bart Ehrman’s book about The Triumph of Christianity. GROG


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