COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths Higher Among Vaccinated

What does this say about all the anti-science wackos, as presented by wackos like Tony Fauci that claimed six foot separation and not only masks, but double masks, would lessen the risk of contracting COVID-19. Of course, when asked, no one could state a single study, or anything “scientific” at all except their opinion. Lockdowns – two weeks to flatten the curve? Turned into how many months and destroyed how many businesses and with closing of schools, relegated kids to never being able to make up that time, much less being able to succeed further in their education. Now we find out that people that have been fully vaccinated are the majority of those hospitalized and dead from COVID-19 in at least 25 states. People lost their jobs, careers, because the refused to get vaccinated. Now we discover, late as usual that the government was lying to us all the time and the turmoil that individuals and families went through, should never have happened.

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