Stop Voting for People That are Do-Nothing Placemats

People are not only fleeing California because of high taxes, unaffordable housing, and an untenable rise in crime, but the obvious rise in the homeless population and the lack of any plan from the local level to the state legislature in Sacramento. This story shows the frustration of some in San Francisco, merchants threatening to withhold tax payments to the city unless the city meets their demands. We’ve all watched news on television highlighting homelessness in various cities around the country, but none more, I think, than California – San Francisco specifically. We all normally have some emotions about this including empathy for those in the tragic situation of being homeless but for me not so much these merchants, or any other businesses (banks, law offices, etc.) simply because of this: You voted for these jerks that allowed this to happen and now you do nothing but bitch about it. Have fun living in feces covered sidewalks with a smattering of heroin needles. Maybe you might think about voting for people that will do more than be a placemat for progressive ideology.

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