Don’t Believe the Naysayers

I think there may be some Republicans attempting to talk the party out of winning significantly this fall, is at all. Notice how the messaging has become negative as to the chances Republicans have for controlling the House and possibly even the Senate? A few months ago, it was almost assured that Republicans would at least xontrol the House after the midterms. Today, many are not so sure. Some blame it on the messaging of Democrats concerning the Roe decision but that can’t be all of it. Democrat families are having the same issues as Republican and Independent families, aren’t they? Or do they receive special pricing at the gas pump and grocery store when they show their Democrat ID? Do they have a “Democrats Inside” sign in their yard or a “Democrats Onboard” sticker on the vehicle to prevent being burglarized/home invaded or carjacked in town? Are Democrats satisfied that their 9 year old is reading at 2nd grade level and can’t perform basic arithmetic while learning all about Critical Race Theory and how a boy. might really be a girl and vice-versa? I can’t believe anyone, of any party affiliation is happy today. The Biden administration is encouraging people to buy electric vehicles to save the planet and yet there’s 20 million people behind on their utility bills. Republicans need to drill this message into the electorate. there’s plenty time before the midterms and the best thing to do is to not listen to the woe is me types – especially the media. how often have they been wrong(Glen Youngkin)

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