We Really Are Too Dependent on Technology

Just call me a constant complainer. I think anyone calling me that would be. right to some degree.I am old enough to remember when having a telephone meant that was it. There were no “answering machines” (1980’s) or voicemail (late 1990’s). Remember when there weren’t answering machines? If you said “yes” to that then you’re officially old.But think about it: No dozen calls from people or companies you’ve never heard of and unlike email, you can’t “unsubscribe” to those. For a while I didn’t have a cell phone because I never used the one I had and I found it aggravating to receive all of these “spam” calls. I do now because a friend convinced me that even if I used it once oer month, ut would be there if I really needed it.If now I could just unsubscribe to some callers, I would complain a lot less. I have heard of “spam” software but people have told me it’s more trouble than it’s worth. My interim resolution is to keep the phone off unless I need to use it or someone has told me they were going to call at a specific time.

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