Chicago Overburdened by 300 Illegal Immigrants

One thing I never tire of are virtue signaling politicians. you know, the do what I say, not what I do crowd. The ones that are always out there with empathy and compassion for those homeless or undocumented migrants and are 100% brhid being a sanctuary city or state. Until these undocumented people begin showing up by the busload from other states, like Texas and Arizona, then suddenly these people that should we welcomed with open hearts and hands suddenly are not welcome and a city thezize of Chicago is unable to deal with just a few hundred of these people over a period of weeks. so what does this brilliant mayor of Chicago do? She ships these same people off to suburbs, without any coordination of course with that local government. Chicago has received around 300 i;llegals in total and are now in such desperate circumstances they are forced to ship them off to smaller, less financially capable, towns. So much for the whole concept.

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