Ukraine Will Become “Biden’s War” if We’re Not Careful

I thought the momentum of this war would eventually change, especially since the U.S. (mostly) have given a lot of advanced weaponry and even before that, the extraordinary number of losses (killed and wounded) that the Russian army had experienced in a very short time. It’s been 200 days since the Russians began their invasion and although the Ukrainians have suffered greatly, the Russian army has as well. Now that some of the weaponry needed have arrived and Ukrainians trained enough to use them, the Russians are experiencing even worse because they have been unable to resupply most of their troops in theNorth and East. Why? The Ukrainians have demolished the major bridges that were being used by the Russians and with superior anti-aircraft (shoulder mounted at minimum) weapons, the Russians don’t actually rule the skies either. I do think though that our interference as well as the Europeans are placing the world in a more dangerous position. Europe, buying into the green energy scam, is going to have a tough winter because they get a majority of their natural gas from , guess who?The entire reason this invasion happened was because the west (including the U.S.) have shown nothing but weakness in foreign affairs and have allowed not only the Russians, but the Chinese to take advantage as well. We’ll really begin to have to pay this Biden bill in a couple of months.

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