Anything is Justification

One discussion I often have with believers is on what used to be an undisputed fact, that Jesus, in the New Testament, was a Jew. What was it he said about coming to fulfill the law? But what law? Well, the Law of Moses and the Prophets is the explanation but how has that worked for Christianity over the millennia? Christians have taken the “Old Testament” and turned it into a prophecy of the coming of Jesus. Here’s just one list of 55 prophecies from the Old Testament. This same article states that some believe there are over 300. Well, Christians, in order to justify their belief, specifically as the successor to Judaism, have spent the last two millennia scouring the pages of the Jewish text to find any possible scripture of set of scriptures that would confirm to the world that the whole purpose of everything that came before was to pave the way for what came after. Very early on, apologists wrote to examine Christianity from the perspective of the Old Testament because there was no collection or canon of scripture yet to use as evidence. The tradition continues un apologetics today. Of course, what we’ll never hear is that they could take any book written in the last 2,000 years and have the same outcome.

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