We’re Just Lab Mice

I used to smoke. I gave it up a while back for reasons like overall health and of course, the cost. When I think abut it, I was spending around $80 per week on tobacco. I tried going to those e-cigarettes but I could never find one that gave me the same satisfaction as a real cigarette. I never tried the JUUL brand though. They had commercials all over television until recently when the FDA out and out banned them. One of the arguments I heard against e-cigs was they were new and no one knew what the effects would be of “smoking” these over time. Makes sense. A little. Humans were actually the guinea pigs or lab mice, or whatever, to determine any and all side effects as well as possible outcomes for long term use. So flash forward to 2021 and the COVID-19 vaccine mandates implemented around the country. These vaccines had absolutely no data on any harmful effects other than, “Did the patient die soon after?” That may sound like a joke but in reality that is pretty much the extent of testing that was done on humans as they jabbed away once, twice, three and four times. JUUL is currently suing the FDA over the ban on their product. I would think that if there were some affects, short and long term the FDA could show, they would have already.

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