They Want American Mediocracy

Why is the slogan, “Make America Great Again”, extremist, even racist? Is there something wrong with wanting your country to be exceptional? Are we not allowed to be able to show pride in our country anymore? When Joe Biden refers to “those MAGA Republicans” what does he mean by that exactly? Are Republicans the only ones that want a better economy and schools, and lower crime to list just a few? I don’t think so as I know people of all stripes that want the same. Of course, now people are afraid to be associated with MAGA, especially since a man in North Dakota murdered an 18 yer old, “Republican”. Nancy Pelosi now claims that if the Republicans take back Congress (both Houses) this fall, it will be the. end of democracy. Yes, she said that, trying to fear monger among her base I guess because what people see now is nothing less than a slide into authoritarianism. From the left. Joe Biden and his schmendricks have actually been good for America: He’s awakened America to a threat no one believed would ever exist: Him.

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